Is Here for creatives only?

No. Though we encourage companies who ‘create’ amazing work to share the space. Startups, techs, designers and interesting people. We also seek companies who are looking to add creativity and a work/life balance to their business.

Why is there so much open space?

We are free range, not battery hens. We believe businesses create their best work when given space to roam. Space creates freedom, happiness and a culture that has an opportunity to breathe and grow.

Why are your desks so big?

Why thank you. Nobody likes a cramped workspace so we are generous with our desk space, 30% more generous that the average coworking space.

Is there 24/7 access?

If you are a full-time tenant. You are responsible for who you bring into the space. We place a lot of importance on security. We all work weird hours sometimes, so there are no lockouts for full time members.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes. We encourage members to refer the space and even have a list of rewards. If your referral signs up you can choose which reward you would like from the list of goodies.

Is there a minimum rental term?

No. We are very flexible. We offer hot-desks, single day hire, weekly, part-time, full-time, monthly, 3/6/12 month, meeting room hire, boardroom hire, event space hire and even a 10-day pass. [Takes a deep breath]. We can work it out. The longer the term, the bigger the reward.

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